A Manifesto For Clairvoyance



Individual Student Work


print manifesto, blanket (include size), video 


Challenged to define my core values and inspirations as a designer, I focused on what's most important to me: embracing vulnerability to unlock authenticity in design— while exploring subtle personal elements in this multi-medium, experimental visual communication project.

In this case, the physical objects were built around my written manifesto (above). I chose to create a video and a blanket because blankets are the meetings places for picnics and videos are the best way to show a sequence in time.

My process always begins with analytical thought. But here, manipulation of both digital typography and illustration plus physical elements like scanned vintage disco photographs reveal unique compositions as they are collaged and layered again and again. These material and nostalgic visual choices reflect my cultural community and involvement in D.I.Y. culture.

It was important to me all components visually explore the colors, textures, and emotional aspects mentioned in the written manifesto.